American League Sleeper Picks

Twins +1400

No respect for your Twinkies. Well, calling them the Twinkies probably isn’t very respectful either, but one of 2017’s AL playoff teams, they readily have the worst possibility to win the pennant this season. As a result of the Tigers moving into extreme reconstruct mode and the Royals pinching pennies rather than re-upping using their star free agents, the Central is easily the AL’s shallowest branch, which should provide the Twins another opportunity to create a run at a playoff spot.
They’re essentially returning the same roster as last season and the lineup features a couple of breakout-star candidates in Byron Buxton and Jose Berrios. Yes, this team lacks the sexiness of the Yankees and Astros, but make no mistake about it, they are trending in the perfect direction.
Blue Jays +1500
Of course, you’re probably thinking that Toronto does not stand a chance of competing with the Red Sox and Yankees in the AL East. There is no doubt about it, the two of those teams are better on paper, but let’s not forget that the Blue Jays are only a year removed from back-to-back looks in the ALCS.
They’re coming off a disappointing season where everything that could have gone wrong did — most especially obtaining just 36 innings out of Aaron Sanchez, along with Josh Donaldson missing a substantial chunk of time at the first half. Assuming those 2 all-stars are in for the long haul in 2018, expect the Jays to return to their winning ways of 2015 and 2016.

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