Serie A will use VAR cameras to tackle racist chants, says Gabriele Gravina

Italian FA president Gabriele Gravina announced that Serie A will begin employing VAR cameras in an effort to tackle racist chants and identify perpetrators.
Elected FIGC president at October 2018, gravina, told Sky in Italy that there are plans set to hand civic perpetrators in Italian stadiums sentences.
“We have collaborated with the Ministry of the Interior and put several very strict laws together with equally severe sanctions,” Gravina explained. “So we will resort to the use of technologies, but we could just do it with the help of the authorities and of the Ministry of Interior.
“When we introduced the notion of objective accountability that transforms and empowers football clubs during bans and mitigation, we did this all as the clubs have, in my view, the technology available to identify those responsible.
“I don’t care about the number of chants there are, but I really do care about the principle behind them. Whether one, ten or two people accomplished it, it requires intervention – .
“Soccer clubs now can identify those responsible through technology: we’ve got in mind an experiment that will surely lead to fantastic results, and we are going to introduce it shortly.
“One thing is for sure – I don’t have any purpose, and doesn’t the rest of the soccer world, to let our guard. It amazes me chants are occasionally discovered, other times not: we will need to comprehend the motives it isn’t normal.
“We can win the fight against racism if we’re all united and focused on a common goal, the one to remove those from our competitions. For this we will adopt the VAR method against stated chants.”
Serie A saw a spate of incidents with Romelu Lukaku Blaise Matuidi, Moise Kean and Kalidou Koulibaly afflicted misuse while playing away.
However, following the Lukaku incident in September, the German FA announced an initiative in which all 20 top-flight sides will soon set forward an individual participant to become part of Serie A’s”Team against Racism”, a testimonial which is going to be that the first-person bearer of the values of equality and respect.
A week, a fan was handed a stadium ban by Italian leaders Roma when he racially abused protector Juan Jesus on media after their loss against Atalanta in September.
Gravina had his say when a faction of house fans racially abused England players about the incident that marred England’s triumph in Bulgaria on Monday.
“There continues to be a massive overlap of political and environmental forces in the Bulgarian government that enforced the resignation of the president of the Bulgarian Football Union. I feel as their government has not been sensitive to the situation to have a president ignored due to fans’ misbehaviours.
“What occurred in Sofia confirms the fact that racism is a despicable phenomenon spread throughout the entire world, not just because of Italy, that must be contested with the utmost seriousness.”

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